• Bálint Vojnits was born in Debrecen in 1974. After he became a serial entrepreneur in 2001 he gained experience from 5 European Countries and the US. He has been living in San Francisco with his 3 children and his wife since the beginning of 2016. Bálint has a diverse range of work experiences such as designing and sustaining international organisations, building minimum valuable tech products (MPV), executing Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, generating leads, building authority web presence for both Enterprises and Startups in 15 different domains, bootstrapped 7 Startups and achieved 1 exit.

    Guest speaker: Bálint Vojnits, serial entrepreneu, start up mentor, app devloper, coach

    Bálint’s personal development involves mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth that allows him to live a productive and satisfying life within the customs and regulations of the US society.

    This presentation is about Bálint’s Full Stack Growth Cycle model that is his framework of scalable, repeatable and sustainable personal growth. He talks about his journey in San Francisco that improved his awareness and identity, developed his talents and potential, built his human capital and facilitated his employability, enhanced the quality of his life and contributed to the realization of his dreams and his aspirations.

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