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    Maminvent Workshop for Parents

    Éva Kopócs – Maminvent 

    Bio: Éva Kopócs is the founder and owner of Maminvent, a one-person business established in 2012. She graduated from the University of Debrecen as a teacher of English and adult educator. After teaching five years in a secondary school she gave birth to three boys but did not stop academic work as she continued to do translations. When her youngest child was only 8 months old she made her first recycled bag which was transformed from an old pair of jeans. This was, however, not a completely new experience for her as she had always enjoyed manipulating fabrics creatively. This first bag was soon followed by other repurposed items and within weeks the name Maminvent was born. Éva has been building her little enterprise consciously from the beginning and proceeds step by step learning new skills on the way. She has also adopted the principle of gift economy in her business and believes that an eco-conscious thinking is one of the most important things she can pass down to her children.