Our Library has more than 2500 books, 20 types of magazines and 550 DVDs and VHS cassettes. It is open for the public and the collections may be used forfree. Using the library services constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use.

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U.S. Embassy, Budapest
Budapest Christian Library
Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum
Prof. Murry R. Nelson
John D. Keiser
Edina Kovács
John George Young
Fred Robey Foundation
Gabor Turi
Csaba Martin
Noemi Ban
Irving Roth
Margaret and Bernard Manchester
Brittany Whitney
Lainey Monroe
Elizabeth Dunn
Nicole and Captain Gerald L. Jeane
Robin and Scott Huffmon
Anel Guel
Joyce Mannel
Dan Engle
Social Science Education Consortium Inc.
Dana Sachs
Literature, History, Cultural Studies, Education, Art, Sports, Music, Children books

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The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Scientific American, Sports Illustrated, Art in America

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Documentary, feature films, animated movies, radio shows, audio books