A Call to High School Teachers -- Art in Embassies Program

A capsule collection of contemporary American artists’ works officially debuted at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in October, 2015.  Perhaps you noticed one of the articles about the Art in Embassies program and the exhibition in various Hungarian media outlets.  Additionally, the Ambassador produced a series of videos to introduce additional facts and anecdotes about several works in the collection

For more information on all of the works, please view them here:

To watch all of the short videos in the series, please visit:

Ambassador Bell feels that art can serve as the basis for great conversations and discussions about a range of issues related to our modern lives.  She specifically chose a number of creations by contemporary female artists.  Many of the works in the exhibition ponder concepts of how we interpret the world around us, from the (real or virtual) experience of far-away places and times to society’s views on surface beauty and glamour. 

As you look ahead to your Spring 2016 curriculum planning, I would like to suggest that this exhibition serve as a possible basis for several lessons.  I could also offer several possible aides to encourage dialogue about these works and what they might say about contemporary life. 

  1. The catalogues for this exhibition introduce each work with bilingual text.  I could send several copies of this catalogue for use with your students.
  2. The videos featuring Ambassador Bell are each short (from 2-4 minutes) in length and feature her speaking in English, with Hungarian sub-titles.  The full text for each is included in the comments field below the video on the YouTube site.  I could also send this separately. 
  3. For schools in the Budapest or surrounding areas, I might also be able to arrange a visit to view the art at the Ambassador’s Residence in Budapest and speak with a native English speaker from the Embassy about questions the works inspire in your students. 
  4. For anyone with a particularly strong interest, I could approach one of the artists represented in the exhibition to join your class virtually, via Skype or some other electronic platform.  I cannot guarantee this, but I can always ask on your behalf!

If this proposal sounded interesting to you and you would like to develop a curriculum related to the exhibition, please let me know.  As mentioned, I could send several copies of the catalogue to your school, so please let me know what would be the best (minimum and maximum) number of copies needed. 

If not, please enjoy the videos and the online viewing of the exhibition. 

Best regards,


Christopher Machin
Cultural Attaché
Embassy of the United States of America
Szabadság tér 12 | V. Kerϋlet
Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 475 4482